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Antoxis is a biotechnology company taking a rational approach to the design and synthesis of novel, cell-targeted antioxidants to limit free radical damage in clinical conditions of high, unmet medical need. Its current focus is in relation to diseases of ageing, such as diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, as well as stem cell applications. The company has developed and patented novel compound libraries based on its extensive knowledge of the structure-activity relationships of plant antioxidants, such as flavonoids.

Antoxis' mission is to impart key drug attributes to these natural molecular scaffolds essential for use in a therapeutic context. The company's platform technologies target high-potency antioxidants to critical areas of the cell susceptible to oxidative damage and aim to enhance transport across the blood-brain barrier for CNS indications. AO-1-530 has demonstrated potent protection in a number of cell-based oxidative stress models, including neuronal cells and mouse embryonic stem cells, with a large amplification in efficacy over its natural flavonoid counterpart.

Compounds of this class have the ability to vector the antioxidant functional to the mitochondrial compartment of the cell thereby making them ideal candidates to tackle the cycle of oxidative stress-mitochondrial dysfunction-apoptosis that is a central feature of a number of disease processes. Antoxis has established a pre-clinical programme to look at protection in disease relevant models and stem cell treatments and is working with Pharma, the NHS and academic partners to advance these into the clinic.

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