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GBP is always pleased to add new members to the syndicate. We like to meet with all potential members to ensure they are clear about the ways in which we operate. Most of our members have some background in, or knowledge of, life sciences and/or biotechnology since these are the only areas in which we invest.


Members are charged an annual membership fee of £500. In addition, there is an administration fee of 3% on any investment made.

Unless other stated, all investments are made under the Enterprise Investment Scheme giving significant tax advantages to investors. We are not able give any tax advice to GBP's investors.

We are non-regulated under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, so we require each member to have up to date 'High Net Worth' or 'Sophisticated Investor' certificates in place, as required by the above statute.

We have to comply with Money Laundering Regulations, so each new member is asked to provide proof of identity, and of their postal address. There is a simple application form to be completed to join GBP as an investor.

We also ask members to sign a general Power of Attorney to facilitate the investment process.

If you are interested in becoming a member of GBP, please complete an enquiry form on the Contact page. We will assist you to complete the relevant paperwork if you decide to join our investment syndicate.More details of our decision-making process can be found in our Rules of Engagement on our Investors web-pages. In summary, GBP has three lead investors, and for GBP to make an investment, at least two of our principals have to invest in the opportunity.