If you are seeking investment from GBP, you should first confirm that you are operating in an area of interest to us. These areas include: biologics drug discovery (antibodies, alternative scaffolds, proteins and peptides), regenerative medicine, personalised medicine, immuno-diagnostics and devices, and immuno-platform technology.

GBP is looking for early-stage investments and will typically commit between £50k and £200k. Where larger investments are required, we are happy to invest alongside other individuals or syndicates. We might even introduce you to syndicates that might be interested in investing at the same time as GBP. For applicants based in Scotland, we might access the Scottish Co-Investment Fund to share some of the risks and returns in any investment.

Further rounds of funding may be considered depending upon progress in meeting technical and/or business milestones.

Initially we ask you to submit a brief summary of the business opportunity to us via an Enquiry Form on the Contact page. We aim to reply to all enquiries within 3 working days. If your proposition sounds interesting, we will request for a 2-page summary of the opportunity, outlining the key issues to be addressed by the company. We will then request a Business Plan, and, if it still looks promising, we will meet with the company's principals.

We expect investments to qualify under the Enterprise Investment Scheme, since this brings significant tax advantages to our syndicate's investors.

More details of our decision-making process can be found in our Rules of Engagement on our Investors web-pages. In summary, GBP has three lead investors, and for GBP to make an investment, at least two of our principals have to invest in the opportunity.

If GBP plans to invest, we will issue Heads of Terms to the Company for consideration. This generally follows a number of meetings between GBP and the proposed investee.

We will tell you if we decide not to invest. We may be able indicate how the overall proposition could be made more attractive or strengthened.