About Us

GBP was founded in March 2008 by Professor Andy Porter and Drs Keith Charlton and Gillian Broadbent. GBP is an angel investment group that specialises in seed funding early stage life-science companies. Typical investments are of the order of £50-200k. This grouping is unusual because its internationally recognised scientific team is used by other agencies and investment groups to carry out scientific due diligence prior to their investment.

GBP became a Scottish co-investment partner on 1st April 2010. To date the company has made ten investments in Scotland and one in a Malaysian company looking to relocate part of its business to Scotland.

The company's major commercial and science focus covers immuno-diagnostics and devices, immuno-technology, biologic drug discovery. GBP has particular expertise in the areas of antibody diagnostics and biologic therapeutics. More recently it has also made early stage assessments and investments in regenerative medicine and vaccine/drug delivery companies.

GBP's individual members have a wealth of technical, legal and commercial experience, and they will consider taking Board level positions in both portfolio and non-portfolio companies.

GBP provides a range of consultancy services, such as technical and commercial due diligence. GBP can help shape early-stage technology businesses too. The aim is to build investable businesses that focus on meeting technical & commercial milestones which, in turn, increase stakeholder value.

Andy J. R. Porter BSc MBA PhD FRSE

Prof Porter is Professor of Biotechnology, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen. He was co-founder and CSO of Haptogen Ltd, acquired by Wyeth Inc in October 2007. Haptogen Ltd was a drug discovery company developing therapeutic antibodies for a number of clinical indications. In 2005, Andy was awarded UK Science and Technology Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. He has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh since 2006. He also has a number of non-executive Board positions within the Scottish biotechnology sector.

Gillian Broadbent BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Gill Broadbent was a co-founder and COO of Grampian Bio-Consultants which was formed in May 2008 as a spin out from Aberdeen University. Gillian was previously a co-founder and Director of Research and Development of the antibody engineering company Haptogen Ltd.

Dr Broadbent has over 13 years experience antibody engineering, and in the development of combined antibody and whole cell based biosensors. She has presented at International meetings and her work has been published in numerous scientific papers. She has produced antibodies to a number of difficult targets for use in both the diagnostic and therapeutic arena.Haptogen Ltd was a drug discovery company developing therapeutic antibodies for a number of clinical indications.

Keith Charlton BSc PhD

Dr Keith Charlton is a molecular biologist and antibody engineer with over 20 years experience. He was a co-founder and Director of Innovations of Haptogen Ltd., a Scottish biotechnology company focused on developing human therapeutic antibodies to targets that are difficult to address with convention antibody generation approaches. He has considerable expertise in the development of recombinant antibodies from novel sources against haptens and other challenging antigens, and their development for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. His work has been widely published in the scientific press and presented at numerous international meetings, and he has been invited to contribute to publications aimed at the research community detailing the very latest advances in antibody engineering technology. In 2008 he co-founded Grampian Bio-Consultants Ltd., an immuno-technology Company, where he was CEO and CSO.

James Shaw

James is a practicing lawyer with over 10 years of international life science, private equity and venture capital experience. James is also a biologist, having graduated from St Andrews' University before turning to law. Formerly of SJ Berwin and latterly a Partner in the London office of a US law firm, James has recently started his own niche corporate and commercial life science law firm, operating out of London and Edinburgh, and is also General Counsel to Bioven Europe Limited, an oncology company. In 2002, James advised Andy, Gill and Keith on the formation and spin-out of Haptogen from Aberdeen University and has since advised on the formation of the GBP syndicate. James is the Company Secretary of GBP and currently advises on its operations and on-going investment activity.